Kelli Garner as Kate
Looking beautiful, Kate. This is a Pan Am scene from the episode "New Frontiers."

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pan am
laura buys the pictures and donates them to a worthy cause
kate gets info about niko
bridgett tells dean about her police business, finds out about
colette's car accident, bridgett and collette talk about dean.
laura, kate and niko go on vacation in the islands; laura runs into joe. amanda persues maggie
dean is not giving up on his relationship with collette
collette gets news about her friend from haiti
ted asks his neighbor out on a date
laura plans to lose her virginity and continue her relationship with joe

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Pan Am Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Just because I can see my future and you've never been able to see your own doesn't mean you can start a rumor...


Richard: In other words, seduce them.
Kate: In other words, put some Pan Am into it?