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Kevin Ryan is one of the detectives in "Castle".

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hi everybody. Thanx for all the wrdfeonul coments.. Just wanted to clear something up. I have never been married before,and i made the mistake of having a wrdfeonul lil boy with a complete psychopath.. i have always been there for my amazing son since day one. my whole life changed when he came into this world. I raised him by myself, with no help from his son and I are very much bonded, and iam always here for him.. Its very sad that someone who obviously has no idea who iam, would stoop so low to slander my name on the internet.. thanx Erin .

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Castle Quotes

Beckett: Wait, there's a sex scene in the book? Between us?
Castle: There's a sex scene between Nikki Heat and the roguishly handsome reporter who's helping her.
Beckett: Oh, good. So he's nothing like you.

So how did she take it, us being together?