Leighton Meester and ...
Leighton Meester and a Gossip Girl mystery girl (for now) film scenes together in June 2009. We can't wait for the new season to begin!

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I think she is wearing flip-flops so her tootsies will be aired out and fresh for Sebastian later that night!!!


That can't be Amalia, because Blair doesn't move into her dorm until the second or third episode, and they haven't finished filming the first yet. I think it's the "beautiful model" Chuck brings home... because Ausiello said it's not what it sounds like.


shes only wearing flips because its a practise run.
if you look through them all you see her in heels and the same outfit


Where is blair's haidband??


I thought it was Blake Lively...Leighton's gorgeous legs!!!


just curious?
i see photos of everyone else in the cast but what about blake and penn? where are they?


I'm sooo excited for the 3rd season! And I love Blair's dress here, it looks a lot like those from Summer, Kind of Wonderful. But it's weird to finally see her wearing flipflops. Oh well, I still love her!:) Chuck and Blair Forever!


You're probably right. lol


...I thought that too !


I thinks she's Amalia. "Amalia" ... Late teens / early 20s, open ethnicity. A freshman eager to climb the social ranks, Amalia tries hard to impress Blair Waldorf and is an attendee at Blair’s first dorm party. Two scenes. Possible recurring role.

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