Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick EW Cover
Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester on the cover of Entertainment Weekly in September 2008. These Gossip Girl stars make one seriously hot couple!

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This is one of my favorite covers!


We want Chair! We want Chair! We want Chair!


every one knows i love ed and leighton they rock an leighton is soooo skiny i love her look and ed is such a good actor i dont think anyone can pooloff a character of chuck like ed does he rocks

Mrs basshole

Best. Magazine cover. Ever.




i cant get over how cute this picture is (it should be fun and smiles unlike the other cover w/ blake lively)


The go together so well on and off screen! Ed need to get away from Jessica and go 4 leighton. Much cuter


just look at that!they look soo perfect together!best on screen couple for me..but it would be better off screen!hah!i wish!


Ed's got the biggest smile on his face lol :D. Leighton looks beautiful, they need to be a couple! :D


THEY ARENT A COUPLE!!! altho i wish they were.

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