Our Blair Bear
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Blair Waldorf in "The Last Days of Disco Stick." We absolutely love her, beret and all.

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    I've always loved our dear blair bear, but this is too much.
    ever since season 3 started i've been so frustrated about what she's wearing, almost every new episode. i didn't see this coming, but i'm not surprised it did!
    eric daman says her new look is more "sophisticated". weeeeell i would rather use the word "boring".
    btw, am i the only one who remembers that she formed a diciplinary hearing for a girl at constance for wearing tights, and she screamed at her that "TIGHTS ARE NOT PANTS!"? in the beginning of season 2... and if we know blair waldorf (and i think we do), she would NEVER change her opinion in something like this. not in a million years.
    that will be all.


    She looks amazing your all obviously just jealous that you dont look like that and leggings are fashionable at the moment so it shows that you all dont no much about fashion


    OH... I don't want B and S fight any more...


    what the hell are jeggings??


    ohh, shut up she looks great as always.


    whatever she wearing..she'll look amaz to tha ing..AMAZING!
    love her and the all her outfit!


    Leggins worn as pants are tacky. Discretion is a huge part of being classy and leggins don't exactly let your privates be privates, even if you are super thin, they're made of nylon or some other awful fabric they just can't be the only thing that covers you up from your waist down. Next thing Blair will be wearing cheap poliester nanny fine dresses.


    Don't the people from the wardrobe department watch the show? Sometime in season 1, blair showed her disapproval of leggings by saying something like "leggings are not pants".


    Style is SO NOT about copying whatever you find in fashion magazines. Fashion and style are two very different concepts. Anyway, back to Blair. Jeggings are a huge NO. Especially on Blair. She's too classy to ever wear something that could make her crotch visible to others.


    I do in fact own a fashion magazine and while tights are in style, I don't have like every style that comes across those pages or the runway for that matter. I'm not fond of the tights-as-pants style, but I love the gladiator shoes that have been hot lately, it's great having the ability to wear what you want. Whether it's hot or not.