A little bit of danger is what makes life worth living.


He gave six girls from Nightingale gonorrhea of the throat last year.


I don't converse with liars or Lewinskys.


Affairs with married people, threesomes, it just so happens everyone's problems are within my area of expertise.


Chuck: Be careful, Jennifer Humphrey. If you come down the rabbit hole, it's going to take more than Blair Waldorf and your army of minions to drag you back out.
Jenny: So what, you're going to walk me to my room and make sure I don't get in any trouble?
Chuck: Try not to run into any Euro dealers in the kitchen.

Nate: Serena, I didn't tell you about Maureen because Tripp's a married man. If you go with him now you're going to cross the line.
Serena: Thank you for everything, Nate. Really. But that line just got a little blurry.

Snow White lives. But are Dan and Olivia dead?

Gossip Girl

Nate: Two years ago at the masquerade ball, I tried to tell you I loved you. But I told Jenny Humphrey. She was wearing your mask.
Serena: You loved me?
Nate: Of course I did. You were the most beautiful, alive person I've ever known.

Damien: Dude. You're overreacting. The lady said she's fine.
Chuck: Dude. I'm Chuck Bass. Even Europeans must know what that means.

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