Patrick and Ellen on the Set
Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo share an embrace on the set of Grey's Anatomy. More than ever, says Patrick, it's his priority to keep a positive energy on the set of the show.

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just look at them! offscreen and still oozes with that!
i love the wit of GA when they used this photo as a poster.


mer/der 4 eva! i just love this couple. just gorgeous. loves ellen as well, she's one of my fav actresses. i think she's stunning!


LOL i love them together~ i hope they're together in real life....but owell, they're both happy n have a happy family..~ ^^
Merder 4eva!!!! Dempeo!!! yay~~


If this could exist in reality,ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
DEMPEO FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just had an idea!!! Why not bring David Beckham in as "A NEW MAN" who wants Meredith for a couple new episodes, while Derek is playing around with Insipid Rose? Derek is the one who walked away. Beck is beyond sexy. He could fall for Meredith the same way Derek did the first time he saw her. Only this time there is no sex involved. Make Derek stand up, and take notice and realize he is making a huge mistake and that he really doesn't want the Insipid Rose. He wants the "Love of His Life" in his arms, and it looks like Beck may be succeeding in winning Meredith and putting a smile back on her face with his British accent and poetic words, winning personality, patience, and McYummy body and face..
Can our hearts take McDreamy, McSteamy and Becks on the screen at the same time?? SERIOUSLY!!!! Bring our McDreamy back. Let him look at Meredith the way he used to with such love in those gorgeous blue eyes..the chemistry between those 2 is rarely seen on screen and that's what makes Grey's Anatomy what it is. Their scenes together vibrate with the sexy tension between them and that's what we all love so much..that's what we all crave and have seriously missed since Season 2's finale..bring it back to us..


blue eyes and leslie, SHAME ON YOU! how can you judge Ellen Pompeo so harshly when you don't even know her? She and her husband Chris are close friends of Patrick, Eric and their wives. These people are actors who portray what the writers of the show write in their scripts and do an awesome job....
You are both so angry...I would be more than happy to IM and help you if you would like.... :)


Patrick and Ellen is so amazing. No wonder their fans love both of them.


they've got chemistry.


Yeah. The innapropriate comments are really mean to the actresses and the people who actually like them! Like marcie tt said, words reflect who you are. I love Ellen and Kate. and Meredith and Addison. GO MER/DER!!!


are u kidding me shes married.
and she has friends, wow you guys are soooo immature. dermer<3

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