Patti Nyholm and Louis Canning
Patti Nyholm and Louis Canning are back! And teaming up against the firm on The Good Wife season finale.

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Alicia and Peter are made for each other...the tryst with Will was too rushed and contrived...I want Alicia and Peter back together...NOW


If this show is going full pelt with Peter/Alicia I'am out of here.KINGS- What is wrong with you two.You destroyed season 3 by bringing him further into the frame.The vast majority want WILL not Peter but not you pair .The way you have treated Will/Alicia fans is disgusting. Ther the very heart of your show but you don't get it.


I too am upset that there is NO Will in any of TGW finale photos. They spend 2 1/2 years building up this great relationship between Alicia and Will and now we get NOTHING! I am so disappointed in this season!


Where's Will in all these pictures? Have the producers/creators side-lined him? I'm upset that we don't see one picture of Will in the season finale. What's happening to this show?

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