Penn Badgley and Ed Westwick
At the Teen Choice Awards in August 2008, Gossip Girl stars Ed Westwick and Penn Badgley pose for a photo on the red carpet. Which was actually more of a blue-green carpet, but who cares.

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No question, Ed takes the cake, although Penn's new facial hair thing works a little better for him.


chuck bass is my lover!!!!!!he is like totaly hot omg i like love him!!


CuTiE=CuTiE= tO Me hOtNeSs!
{{tho yah what is ed wearing? hmph =/}}


Don't they know how to iron??


i see two HOT guyz!!


what is ed wearing??

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Blair: Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It's movement, design and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we'd like to be. Just like your scarf suggests that you'd like to sell used cars.
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