Gossip Girl Wins Six Teen Choice Awards

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At last night's Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles, Gossip Girl absolutely crushed its competition, winning honors in a half dozen categories.

Here's a breakdown of Gossip Girl's haul ...

  1. Choice TV Show Drama
  2. Choice TV Breakout Show
  3. Choice TV Actress Drama: Blake Lively
  4. Choice TV Breakout Star Female: Blake Lively
  5. Choice TV Breakout Star Male: Chace Crawford
  6. Choice TV Villain: Ed Westwick
Oh My

A disheveled Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass) won best TV Villain.

Congratulations to the individual winners and to the whole cast. Click to enlarge more photos of our favorite stars (Ed Westwick, Blake Lively, Chace Crawford, Leighton Meester and Penn Badgley) at the Teen Choice Awards!

Trademark Smile
The Lovely Leighton
Leighton Meeter and Ed Westwick
Penn Badgley and Ed Westwick
Breakout Star
Blake Lively, Miley Cyrus
Teen Choice
Ed Westwick, Chace Crawford
Penn is Mighty
Leighton, Chace
Blake and Penn Photo
More Penn Badgley and Blake Lively

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I agree with you Maddy . Well anyways , congrats to Gossip Girl and their winnings ! :D:D:D:D!


I think that everyone who is a big enough fan of Gossip Girl to visit Gossip Girl Insider should enjoy all of the actors and not insult them so often. I'm not a fan of Ed Westwick at all but he is a necessary character to the show, so I don't feel like I should be telling everyone that I think he sucks. People can acknowledge that Blake Lively can light up a room with her happy personality, while Leighton Meester is a great actress who is a little more subtle and calm. Some people prefer the Blake/Serenas of the world and others prefer the Leighton/Blairs. I don't feel like Leighton treats herself as the star of the show, because she's not always out doing interviews, so that's why the media places their spotlight on Blake and teens vote for her. Either way, I'll always prefer Blake Lively.


Oh by the way. I HATE THE JONAS BROTHERS! there music is shit and there lyrics have no meaning! same as miley cyrus, honestly there are so many teenagers out there who need to get a life!
Leighton looks to be the better actress in gossip girl, because of what the writers have given her. I've never seen her play anything out of gossip girl, not even a small role. Blake had a part on accepted and a main character role on the sisterhood of the travelling pants, Blake has a natural beauty about her that i personally think leighton does not have. Also i think Blake seems like a much more out-going type of person compared to leighton. I don't dislike leighton, i think shes awesome on gossip girl, i'd just like to see her do something else. Thats my opinion.


Penn should have won, i love him so much.


Too Kellie - No, those aren't the facts; those are your opinions. Gauging beauty and acting ability is entirely subjective - it's not a science. And while I do agree with you that Leighton has gotten to show more of her range as Blair (and is a terrific actress by all acounts), Blake hasn't gotten that much dramatic material to work with - Blair has the witty dialogue, compelling complexes, warped family dynamics, and even an eating disorder...Serena always has to be the gorgeous, sunshiney, reformed party girl that everyone loves, who's always passive, reacting to everything around her, be it Blair's Machiavellian machinations or Georgina's blackmail, never instigating anything on her own. That's not as interesting a character to portray, and the fault for that lies with the writers, not Blake Lively. And we haven't seen either actress in many projects outside Gossip Girl, so you can't just automatically lay down the verdict that Leighton is unquestionably the better actress. And as to Leighton being irrefutably prettier? That's even more debatable. People have their preferences.


hey listen i was just happy someone from gossip girl took the prize. for me if it wasn't leighton or blake i would had a bitch fit. i know this is irrelevant but this was in argument in earlier posts but MILEY CYRUS SUXXX!!! i hate that hillbilly. oh and can u believe chace lost to the jonas brothers for male hottie? are u serious right there they aren't even one person! i do not know what people see in them. there music is cool but come on that can only take you so far. i was totally yelling at my tv! and then to top it all of vanessa hudgens beat out blake for female hottie. no seriously who voted for these people?


so happy blake won, she totally deserves it..but shouldn't she have won choice female hottie too?? leighton is fine but let's accept the fact that blake is way, way hotter and definitely the bigger star.


I honestly wish that Leighton would have won something. In my opinion, she is the better actress but I guess more people would vote for Blake because she's more well known and seen as the "star" of the show.


eh ma gawd wow!
I want to see this award show, too bad I don't live in the U.S, Leighton is much better actor and she's prettier than blake IMHO, but im not hatin' on blake she seems like lovely girl but it's just the honest facts!


Congrats to The GG crew, but c'mon, Leighton should've won at least 1 award and Chace should've won Choice Male Hottie!


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