Richard and Arizona
Richard and Arizona in "Disarm." The Chief speaks to her outside the hospital ... but is it a warm welcome?

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oh never mind; Jessica was preggers!!


So can any1 tell me why Arizona left anyways... like i know she went to Africa but why did they cut her off for like 2 episodes then bring her back??


It's very possible that the disappointment is why the Chief has animosity towards her. They made the Carter Grant sound like such a big thing and for her to give it up for love might definitely be disappointing to the Chief. But like it was earlier said, the Chief will probably learn to accept and respect her decision and big part of that will be because of Stark's attitude.


I see delicious drama in SG's future. Arizona doesn't look like she's welcome back, and Christina will be welcomed back with open arms.
And we all know that Arizona doesn't like Christina anyway.


If the chief is disappointed I think it has to do with Arizona giving up such a great opportunity. He was so proud of her and knows there are other surgeons who would have killed for it. Other than that I dont know why he wouldnt welcome Arizona back. She's the best Peds surgeon and h knows that. I CANT WAIT!!!


Alex looks very happy to see her :)


I think he will be a bit frosy at first but then he will come to realise that Stark is USELESS, then he will want Arizona back because she is awesome!


Obviously there's a lot of animosity here. Definitely interested to see what exactly caused this and what feelings are coming from the Chief. I honestly thought he'd be happy to have Arizona back.

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