Serena and Carter Kiss!
Check this out! Serena and Carter are locked in a kiss in the Season 3 premiere of Gossip Girl!

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I think Serena and Nate R the Couple, but Carter and serena also fit perfect together :)


Love the love/hate relationship already (:
I'm just glad the Humpfreys and the Van der Woodsens are acting like siblings, which is actually really cute--but of course, that means no more Dan/Serena. Well, Carter seems to really care about Serena. And his personality somehow fits her more than shady Aaron. Or the gay director.


OMG.... i cant belive in my own eyes... what they are doing together.... they could not stand each other in previous seasons... but carter is really hot... good cuple!!!


I love them already......... can"t wait :)


yay! go serena! carter and serena will be a very interesting couple, can't wait for the season premiere!


Blair-Bear, yeah, Gabriel whatever his last name is so totally dull.


awwww...thats such a sweeeeet kiss)i love this couple)


a lot of ppl would kill to have Blake's butt. i dont think sasha fierce said anything wrong, she just made a facetious comment about it. all the girls on GG are pretty healthy. there is no need to get offended over this.


i can honestly just see her with Dan, but that's probably impossible. or maybe i'm seeing Blake with Penn.


they look hot together.
no more unhot boys for S!

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