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Serena and Carter Pic
Serena and Carter in "Rufus Getting Married." Are these two going to be together for much longer? A lot may hinge on what G has up her sleeve.

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Serena is so gorgeous ,i dislike Carter,dont kill me


....damn fuglyy


In case she decides to escape by horse again?


Serena's dress looked gorgeous on the other picture where the slit didn't show. Why on earth would someone ruin a dress so pretty by slitting it?


haha i love it! i wont to see more of them


serena is so beautiful


HA i just realized that they're all wearing wedges because of the grass!!

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Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Chuck: Look, I love you, but just because Nate liking Bree doesn't make her a piranha. And Serena liking Carter doesn't make him a prince.
Blair: Where are you going? I have tension!

Chuck: Look ... I may loathe the guy, but he didn't have to own up to anything. I bought him a ticket out of town. He risked a lot, knowing Bree would be there. He must really care about you.
Serena: The girl he proposed to was a Buckley.

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