Serena in Swimsuit
Okay, so it's a middle-aged woman's swimsuit... but you can't go wrong with the lovely Serena van der Woodsen in any sort of swimwear. You have to take what you can get sometimes.

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wow. we have the same swimsuit but mine doesn't have a "belt" and has a different color. :D


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I think the swimsuit is cute but in this pic S looks a bit fatty


Not so much a "middle-aged woman's swimsuit" as it is a
vintage, 1940's-inspired swimwear ensemble consisting of a
one-piece halter suit by designer Norma Kamali with
high-waisted, belted swim shorts by Malia Mills. Awesome! I
love it!


did some research and its a Norma Kamali (i think bill halter or bill mio) she also has some shorts on by another new york designer, but the halter version of the suit covers enough i think


I too want to know where to buy that swimsuit.


who is the swimsuit made by?
Where can i buy it?

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