Swimming Blair
Needless to say, Blair Waldorf is a cutie... and wrapped up in her world of problems. Here, she doesn't want Nate to hit on her because Chuck will be pissed and spill the beans.

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I love blair/leighton! She has nice rock hard abs!


i love blair...
i love to see a happy ending love for blair and nate!!!
viva blair and nate!!!
you are the hottiest couple in the world!!!

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Gossip Girl Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Sometimes you need to step outside, clear your head and remind yourself of who you are. And where you wanna be. And sometimes you have to venture outside your world in order to find yourself. As for me, I'm happy right where I am. I only wanna be with you. xoxo ... Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl

You have no idea who you're dealing with.

Blair (to Vanessa)