Barb puts up a sign to celebrate Nicki's anniversary with Bill. Only in Big Love.
Bill and Don are a little frustrated when Home Plus billboards are being vandalized in the second season episode Big Love entitled "Damage Control."
After investigating the Alby poisoning case, the police come for Wanda in the Big Love episode, "Damage Control"

Big Love Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Nicki: I didn't marry for love. I married for the principle.
Barb: I didn't. I tried. I don't know if I have a testimony for the principle. But I love you, I love our family more and more.
Nicki: That frightens me. I don't know that a marriage based on love can go the distance. The secret holiness of the institution. The sanctity of marriage. Without it, it's just random couplings, with no purpose or sticktoitiveness. How will we survive the bad times on just love?

Poor Joey and Wanda. They're all they've got. No other spouses to lean on. How are they going to make it through this crisis with only each other?