Mather Zickel guest stars here on Bones. He plays a former priest from Booth's past.
Brennan and Cam are investigating a murder in this scene from the Bones Season 9 premiere. A man has been found dead inside an air conditioner.
A man has been found dead in the air conditioner on Bones Season 9. But, don't worry, Brennan is on the case.
Brennan is on the case in this Season 9 premiere scene, as the remains of a victim have been found in an air conditioning unit.
Things are a bit awkward between Booth and Bones when Season 9 kicks off. It's easy to understand why.
Bones and Booth look into the murders of several FBI agents on the season finale of this Fox smash.
Booth has a difficult decision to make. This is a scene from the Season 8 finale of Bones.
Booth and Brennan have a little staredown in this Bones scene. It is courtesy of the Season 8 finale.

Bones Quotes

Save the girls.


Brennan: One thing, Hannah. I want you to be sure about this.
Hannah: The phone?
Brennan: No, although I understand the misunderstanding. No, about you and Booth moving in together. Booth will give himself to you completely … and it would be very painful for him if you aren't as serious about the relationship as he is.
Hannah: I am. But thanks, though. You're a good friend, Temperance. Seeley is very lucky.

Bones Music

  Song Artist
Fearless Fearless Cyndi Lauper iTunes
The world is The World Is... Matthew Ryan iTunes
Song Rain Or Shine Matthew Perryman Jones