Booth speaks with marine biologist Dr. Catherine Bryar (guest star Rena Sofer, R) in this scene. They are discussing the case of an inspirational speaker whose remains are found in a shark tank.
Diedrich Bader guest stars on the 4/22/10 episode of Bones. It's titled "Predator in the Pool."
It's wetsuit time on Bones! Hodgins and Brennan break out these outfits on the episode "Predator in the Pool."
This is a scene from "Predator in the Pool." Brennan is speaking with a marine biologist played by gorgeous actress Rena Sofer.
Jealous much, Brennan? She looks on here, as Booth gets along well with a marine biologist played by Rena Sofer.
Rena Sofer plays a marine biologist on the episode "The Predator in the Pool." She cozies up to Booth.
This is awkward for Booth, but exciting for fans: he and Brennan pretend to be a couple on the episode "The Death of the Queen Bee."
Don't be too fooled by this slow dance: Booth and Brennan go undercover as a couple on the episode "The Death of the Queen Bee."

Bones Quotes

Booth: Bones, if I ask you to marry me, will you say yes?
Brennan: If I say yes, will we get married?
Booth: Yes.

Angela: Are you actually afraid of Brennan?
Hodgins: Yeah.
Angela: More than you're afraid of me?

Bones Music

  Song Artist
Fearless Fearless Cyndi Lauper iTunes
The world is The World Is... Matthew Ryan iTunes
Song Rain Or Shine Matthew Perryman Jones