So long, hair? Kitty contemplates what cancer treatment will do to her hair in this scene from Brothers & Sisters.
Kitty and Robert are dealing with their most profound crisis yet, as the former has been diagnosed with cancer on season three of Brothers & Sisters.
Nora Walker is played by Sally Field on Brothers & Sisters. She's ideal for this role and is seen here on the episode "The Wig Party."

Brothers & Sisters Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Come on! Listen! Picking out feelings in yourself that match some cancer profile -- it's like looking at the horoscope in the comics page. You know, it fits anybody.


Justin: Do you want to know what Doctor Walker thinks?
Rebecca: No.
Justin: Come on, I'm taking clinical diagnosis. Let me try. Let me try! Alright. (touches her forehead) Uhmm, no fever. Could it be Ojai food poisoning? (Rebecca snickers) or idiopathic wedding planitis.