Smile for the camera, David Schwimmer! The actor strikes a classic pose here as Ross Geller.
HA! Classic Phoebe. Lisa Kudrow plays around here for an original Friends promo picture.
Matt LeBlanc strikes a pose here at Joey Tribbiani. He brought this character into our lives in 1994.
Courteney Cox poses here as Monica Geller. She first entered our lives way back in 1994.
Could Matthew Perry BE any younger? This promotional photo was snapped in 1994.
Jennifer Aniston posed for this Friends gallery photo way back in 1994. Memories, huh?
It's the very first Friends cast photo! Incredibly, the wildly popular slideshow debuted 20 years ago, in September 1994.
The ultimate back-and-forth couple... who we all knew would end up forth in the end. But it took a baby and many other boyfriends and girlfriends in between before Ross and Rachel arrived at that same conclusion on Friends. Just never use the word "break" around these two.

Friends Quotes

Monica: What's "PLEH?"
Joey: That's help spelled backwards so that the helicopters can read it from the air!
Monica: Ah...what's doofus spelled backwards?

Chandler: Joey's tailor... took advantage of me.
Ross: What?
Joey: No way, I've been going to the guy for twelve years.
Chandler: Oh come on, he said he was going to do my inseem, then he ran his hand up my leg and then there was definite...
Ross: What? (Chandler closes his eyes)
Chandler: Cupping.
Joey: That's how they do pants! First they go up one side, they move it over, then they go up the other side then they move it back, and then they do the rear. Ross, will you tell him. Isn't that how a tailor measures pants?
Ross: Yes, yes it is... in prison!