A photo from the episode "Bad News Blair."
Sure, Chuck was a spoiled ass for a lot of this episode. But he was also a good friend, wasn't he?
Blair takes to the sidewalk to do some shopping after finding out her mom is back in town.
Nate learned a tough lesson at the card table. Good thing Chuck was there to bail him out.
Blair and Serena hang out just like they used to. What's a little sex-with-your-boyfriend between pals?
Serena tries out a new look. It's rocker chic.
Lily and Rufus used to get it on. Well, at least once that we know of.
In "Bad New Blair," Nate is taking advantage of all the Internet has to offer.

Gossip Girl Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Blair: Serena send you here to talk to me?
Dan: No, believe it or not, I actually came here myself.
Blair: (sighs) Normally, wouldn't be this close to you without a tetanus shot.

Serena: (seeing Dan walking up to her with a plate) You're still here?
Dan: Yeah, well, I thought I couldn't leave without bringing you something from craft service. Um, and, uh, and telling you that I'm sorry I judged you.
Serena: Well, I'm sorry I gave you reason to.
(Dan smiles a little)
Serena: Hey, how about you ask me out again?
Dan: How about you actually show up?
Serena: (smiles) Okay. No drama. No disruptions. I promise.
Dan: You promise? Oh, no! That means it's never gonna happen now.
Serena: Aah! Okay, quick. I take it back. I unpromise.
Dan: Friday. 8:00.
Blair: (walking up to them) I think we can agree to those terms...but you can't wear those shoes. Mmm, or that hair.
Serena: Blair.
Dan: (laughs) Oh.
Serena: Okay, see you then.
Blair: Eww. (turns away as Serena kisses Dan on the cheek and hugs him)
Dan: All right. (smiles and walks away)