What is the state of things for Nate and Jenny these days? We will soon find out, we have a hunch.
We can't wait for this episode ... it's got Dorota front and center, how can it go wrong?
Vanessa Abrams is a character fans love ... or love to hate. A lot of times it's the latter, but no disrespect, V.
Another argument involving Serena? Who would have guessed!
Blair Waldorf is one of our favorite characters on all of TV. We love the girl, what can we say?
Little Jenny Humphrey is going off the rails these days. We love it, but we worry about how far it will go.
Chuck Bass in yet another episode that bears his name. What decision will he and Blair be faced with?

Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

I don't need a guy to make me feel fulfilled, especially when he's unavailable.


You could fix this. Chuck would never have to know.


Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 17 Music

  Song Artist
Everything everyday everywhere Everything, Everyday, Everywhere Fabolous iTunes
Pop the glock Pop the Glock Uffie iTunes
Heart 2 Heart Bertie Blackman iTunes