Can Hiro and Ando please come back to the present? We're tired of them being stuck in other eras/countries.
Mohinder lost control during chapter three. The doctor let his new abilities get the best of him and has been utterly useless ever since.
Arthur Petrelli is definitely up to no good. He stole his son's powers and appears intent on destroying the world.
Hiro prepares to a spirit walk. The time traveler is causing problems by refusing to travel back in time.
Sylar and Peter sort of bond in this scene. Neither is sure if he can trust the other.
Mohinder has evil plans for Peter. Good thing Sylar comes to the rescue.
Claire and Elle are going at it in this photo. No, not like that, fellas. Get a clean mind!
There is one way to put a stop to Elle, and it's rather simple: throw some water on the hero.
Elle comes back to Heroes on the third season's seventh episode. She actually gives the Bennets a helping hand.

Heroes Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Knox: You think you can hold me with a power?
Matt: Not only I can hold you, I can kill you. I'm going to dig inside your head, find your worst fear, and make it eat you alive.
Knox: I'm not one that's scared. You are. And your fear just makes me strong.

Claire: What if there's something wrong with all of us and they can fix it?
Elle: You're fine. You're perfect.
Claire: No, I'm not. Whatever's happening to you, it's happening to me, too.
Elle: You're still healing, aren't you?
Claire: Yeah. But I can't feel pain. And I think it's only a matter of time before I can't feel anything at all.
Elle: You can't feel pain. I wish I had your problems, Cheerleader. My body is screaming. I'm in agony.
Claire: Go with me. If there's a chance that these people at Pinehearst can help us, we'll go together.
Elle: All right, Dorothy. Then we're off to see the Wizard.