Note to the Leverage casting director: very solid choice in selecting Jeri Ryan for the recurring role of Tara Cole.
Jeri Ryan came aboard Leverage during the show's second season. She's a welcome, recurring addition to the cast.
This is what Eliot Spencer does so well. He's the muscle on the Leverage team.
We sort of like this look on Nate. He should go with it at all times.
Nate is seen here - in disguise, of course - in a photo from "The Runway Job," the first new Leverage episode of 2010.
Beth Reisgraf stars on Leverage as Parker; while Aldis Hodge takes the role of Alec on the show and Christian Kane plays Eliot in the Leverage.
Timothy Hutton anchors Leverage. The show is a big hit on TNT.
Christian Kane, as Eliot; and Noa Tishby, as Mikel Dayan, star in this Leverage scene. It's from the episode "The Two Live Crew."

Leverage Season 2 Quotes

Hardison: I spent three days hacking into the White House emails - no buzz.
Sophie: See?
Hardison: But we are doing some pretty hinky stuff in Pakistan...hinky.
Sophie: Look, I'm miserable, they're miserable. (To Eliot) Okay, what--what have you been doing the last six months?
Eliot: I was in Pakistan.

Eliot: You quit drinking? How'd you know about this place then?
Nate: I rent a condo upstairs.
Eliot: You rent a condo above a bar?
Nate: That's right.
Eliot: Oh, that's very...Catholic.