Juliette is in the hospital room in this Nashville Season 2 scene. Unpictured, Rayna is in a coma.
Will she ever wake up?!? Rayna is in a bad position to kick off Nashville Season 2.
It appears to be on between Gunnar and Avery. This is a photo from the second season of Nashville.
There looks to be some tension between Gunnar and Avery in this scene from Nashville Season 2. The episode is titled "I Fall to Pieces."
You're looking at a very handsome photo of Gunnar Scott. This is a photo from Nashville Season 2.

Nashville Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Avery: Can't take no for an answer huh?
Gunnar: Guess that makes two of us.

Rayna: I'm just gonna live my life.
Lamar: It's always best to just leave the past behind.

Nashville Season 2 Episode 1 Music

  Song Artist
Lord huron i will be back one day I Will Be Back One Day Lord Huron iTunes
Song How You Learn To Live Alone Jonathan Jackson
Bart crow busted Busted Bart Crow iTunes