Richard Burgi guest stars on the season nine premiere of One Tree Hill. He's playing the father of Brooke.
Yay! Brooke has a major season to be happy on the premiere of One Tree Hill. Her dad is in town!
Julian and Brooke are seen here on the ninth season premiere of One Tree Hill. Aren't their kids adorable?
Richard Burgi plays a key role on season nine of One Tree Hill. His character gives daughter Brooke a hug here.
This must be an emotional scene for Brooke. Her father is holding up her son.
Julian doesn't look thrilled in this photo from the season nine premiere, does he? He's with Brooke and their kids at church.

One Tree Hill Season 9 Episode 1 Quotes

People say hell is endless. They say it's our worst nightmare, the face of our darkness. But whatever it is, however it is, I say hell is empty, and all the devils are here.


I say we go with plan b. We find a really nice mansion and leave them on the porch.


One Tree Hill Season 9 Episode 1 Music

  Song Artist
Jana kramer what i love about your love What I Love About Your Love Jana Kramer iTunes
Casey hurt sunday mornings Sunday Mornings Casey Hurt iTunes