Taraji P. Henson plays Detective Carter on Person of Interest. She's trying to figure out who Reese is.
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Danielle Kotch guest stars here on Person of Interest. She play a 10-year old whose number of picked by The Machine.
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Natalie Zea guest stars on the pilot of Person of Interest. She's caught on security camera here.
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Finch makes a plea to Reese in the first episode of Person of Interest. He explains to him all that is at stake.
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Just who is Reese? That will be a major question throughout Person of Interest.
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Will Reese agree to work with Finch? This is a scene from the Person of Interest pilot.
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James Caviezel stars as Reese on Person of Interest. He's a former CIA operative.
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Is The Machine truly perfect? Reese and Finch wonder on the second episode of Person of Interest.
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Person of Interest Quotes

Fusco: Shouldn't we call for backup?
Carter: You are my backup.

Bear, remember Lionel?