This is a Pretty Little Liars photo from the episode "Welcome to the Dollhouse." It's a game-changing hour of television.
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Orange is the new black on Pretty Little Liars? The gals are all dressed in it for this photo.
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Toby being revealed as an A was the ultimate betrayal because Spencer gave to him the only gift you can't return. Her virginity. Wrong in so many ways.
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Could Andrew really be in on this all, or is just another red herring?
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The four core Liars are making plans in the street in "A Dark Ali."
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Aria seems to be closing down the conversation in this photo from "A Dark Ali."
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Do you trust Jason DiLaurentis? The girls ask themselves that every week.
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Ezra looks mighty proud of himself in this Pretty Little Liars still, doesn't he? We met his family on Season 3.
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Pretty Little Liars Quotes

Mona played with dolls, I play with body parts. Game on bitches.


Emily: You know that A is always one step ahead of us.
Spencer: Yeah, maybe is.