The gang is pretty much all here. This is a photo from The Big Bang Theory episode "The Graduation Transmission."
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It's not a total shocker that a man with a smile like Leonard's would finally score a woman like Penny.
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Sexy graduates have their day on The Big Bang Theory. "The Graduation Transmission" is the 22nd episode of the show's eighth season.
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Penny talks to Sheldon before going to the funeral.
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Sheldon tries to intervene when he discovers a secret about Penny and Leonard on The Big Bang Theory. "The Decoupling Fluctuation" is the second episode of the show's sixth season.
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Eliza Dushku guest stars on the November 4 episode of The Big Bang Theory. She plays a federal agent.
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Barry Kripke shows up to talk to the guys during lunch.
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The guys battle over how to construct a message for NASA on The Big Bang Theory. "The Communication Deterioration" is the 21st episode of the show's eighth season.
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TBBT Quotes

Mrs. Cooper: Shelly! I'm so glad you're here!
Sheldon: I saw you having naked sex.

Penny: I give up, he's impossible
Sheldon: I can't be impossible, I exist. I believe what you meant to say is, "I give up, he's improbable."