Penny and Sheldon design an experiment made to get the participants to fall in love on The Big Bang Theory.
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Leonard goes out with just Penny on a dinner date that Penny originally thought was going to be a group dinner.
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Sheldon watches an episode of Professor Proton's show.
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You gotta love this guest-starring appearance on The Big Bang Theory: that's former sitcom star Mayim Bialik!
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When Sheldon discovers a necktie on Leonard's door he runs to Penny to find out what it means. Penny explains to the clueless nerd.
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Cheers to a new set up. Raj moves in with Sheldon on the season finale of The Big Bang Theory.
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A picture of Leonard and Penny kissing in costume after Penny's ex-boyfriend is a jerk to Leonard at her Halloween Party.
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Penny hugs Leonard after he does his best to comfort her after he ex reveals intimate details about her on his blog.
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TBBT Quotes

Penny: Here's a question-- as an alien pretending to be human, are you planning to engage in any post-prom mating rituals with Amy?
Sheldon: There are post-prom mating rituals?
Penny: Not always. Unless your date drives a van with an air mattress, then always.
Sheldon: Well, if it's part of the prom experience, then I'm open to it.
Penny: You're kidding.
Sheldon: I may be an alien, but I have urges.If Amy wants to copulate by firing her eggs into space, well, then, I will happily catch them with the reproductive sac on my upper flermin. I'm not the best at reading facial cues, but I can see that you're a little turned on.

Leonard: Hi. I'm Leonard. You are beautiful. You pop, sparkle and buzz electric. I'm going to pick you up at eight, show you a night you will never forget.
Raj: Where are we going?