Kevin's cooking chili in "Casual Friday," from the fifth season of The Office. It tastes good, we imagine.
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Toby Flenderson attempts to dance.
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Dwight Schrute is the man. There is no disputing this fact.
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Erin goes for a ride in this photo from The Office. It's courtesy of the episode "Pool Party."
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What is Dwight going off about at Pam on The Office. "The Whale" is the seventh episode of the show's ninth season.
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Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) and Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer) on The Office. One of TV's most beloved couples.
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Is there a problem, officer? Not when Andy breaks into song as he does here.
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The Scranton Branch is doing whatever it takes to win the weight loss competition at Dunder Mifflin. Here the whole staff is being weighed in at once.
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The Office Quotes

Jan: All right, well are you gonna take care of this?
Michael: Yeppers.
Jan: What did I tell you about "yeppers?"
Michael: I don't... remember.
Jan: I told you not to say it. Do you remember that?
Michael: Yeesh...

Michael: I love you, Jan.
Jan: Okay.