Taylor Momsen shouldn't be smoking, right? Or do you care?

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She looks like a cheap hooker who just finished a job and needs a post-coital fag!


i have nothing against her.but if you wanna do a rockstar attempt overnight and selfly proclaim that you've been this way all your life,well thats just utter crapp.if she's really that rebellious,why wait til 16 to decide that your courtney love?come on,she even auditioned for the role of hannah montana,she's so full of it.


so thats why her voice has changed sooo much


I think shes so much better than that. I dont know what kind of image shes trying to pull off, but i think her Character in GossipGirl has gotten to her head.. -_-


What I love is when she said in her interview she wanted to be more herself, so she asked a hair dresser to give her a "joan Jett" hair style. Cause bumming somebody elses hair style is being you. I'm betting the smoking is just to remind everybody that she's a "rocker".


eww, some of the things she says in interviews make her sound so dumb. perhaps she should consider the impact her actions have on the people that look up to her, and if she doesnt care she is only destroying her own image through selfishness and stupidity. and really, does she think shes cool strolling down the street with a fag in her mouth while wearing that awful leather outfit? she is so destined to become the next lindsay lohan, or maybe courtney love, she would probably prefer the latter since she is actually grunge, and not just a cheap fake like taylor.


this is gonna sound random but i REALLY hope she isnt on the set of gossip girl coz what shes wearing is hideous


come on people, LET HER fucking LIVE.
It's totally her choice if she smokes or if she does not.
Besides, she probably knows it causes cancer and other stuff..


what ever let the skank get cancer (:


taylor shouldn't be smoking. even though she doesnt want to/care if she is she might be a role model to young girls.

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