Cameron Mathison holds up a shirt with his face on it. Must be cool to have one of those.
Cameron Mathison is excited to start dancing! And fans are psyched to start watching him!
Cameron Mathison is will be Dancing with the Stars this fall. We hope he wins!
Cameron Mathison looks on... while also his female admirers swoon.
Here you go, ladies: Cameron Mathison is not only topless. He's all wet.
Cameron Mathison has blue eyes and acting skills to die for. At least that's what the ladies say.

All My Children Quotes

Kings have jesters. Circuses have clowns. I have Mary.

Adam Chandler

[Kendall has given Zach a plane ticket to Haiti, where they can get divorced quickly]
Zach: You know what? This date's not going to work for me.
Kendall: Make it work.
Zach: Love to, but I can't.
Kendall: Well, what? Is there something going on at the casino? I mean, I can handle it.
Zach: No, I took the afternoon off.
Kendall: What's so important that you can't reschedule it?
Zach: I'm rearranging my sock drawer.
Kendall: Yeah.
Zach: No, it's serious business. I mean, I've got the gym socks touching the dress socks. It's a real mess. Anyway, we've got to reschedule this divorce thing.