Taylor and Leighton
Here's a beautiful photo of Taylor Momsen and Leighton Meester. These Gossip Girl actresses are very pretty.

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It's perfectly alright if you disagree with my opinion but please don't call me jealous. I just don't like her new look, simple as that. It's about personal taste and I happen to like the old Jenny style much better. Besides, you've never seen or met me, I'm a faceless person from the internet expressing a thought just as you express yours. Hard to claim that I could never pull off a certain look when you have no idea how I actually look or dress. That also applies to the other people that comment that they don't like the way she dresses now, because I'm not the only one that finds it unfaltering on the young actress. I have never said that she shouldn't dress how she wants, just that I don't really like it and she should think of her public image being as young as she is. And also, I never commented about her acting. Anyways, I'm just pointing out facts, I'm not offended nor should you thus be upset with my rebutle, only posting to clear up a misunderstanding. Opinions are opinions, everyone's entitled to one. (P.S the weight comment was only concern about another young model/actress feeling the pressure. I like Taylore Momsen, she seems sweet.)


Theyre both so gorgeous!
omg lelarose i couldn't diagree more with evrything youve jus stated above. Taylor was NOT too skinny in season 1, she is thin and tall, like a model, i have her figure and its usually genetic. Shes very active like she shud be and because shes still growing she stays very thin. Also i hate when ppl start hating on her style. I LOVE HER NEW LOOK, and i honestly think ppl r just jealous becoz they kno they could NEVER pull of her look. shes really great on the show and should hav sum really good story-lines coming up in season 3, many of my friends favorite character is jenny and i think taylor is doing a really great job acting for a 15 yr old! im certain she has a bright famous future ahead of her.


Taylor looks scary skinny here.. Actually now that I think about it this girl was really skinny at the start of the show...Could be because she had that problem with her throat. Weight wise she looks better now... Style wise... Not at all.


have you noticed Taylor's shoulders are weird? they have a ball sticking out


taylor is prettier!


agree! luv leighton!


Leighton is prettier!!!

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