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That's what we're going to call Teddy. Well, that's what we were going to call her. Not sure it really fits.

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love love love her!!! I agree with dutchy78. She can steal Owen from Cristina but she wouldn't do that. She's an innately good person. She's a great mentor for Cristina. I hope we'll get to know her more.

Call me meredith

I hate her!!! too!!!!!!!


I agree. And I like it that she doesn't try to steal Owen from Cristina. See loves him, but she plays by the rules - I know she saíd she wants him, but that's just the feeling (and being honest about it), she doesn't act on it. Respect, cause that's not that easy!


I know everybody hates her, but I don't care! Teddy rules! She's not only a great surgeon (Christina drooles all over her and trades Owen for her as cardio god - sick!), she's a badass surgeon (all this complicated surgeries + a tour of duty) while remaining a great human being (saving the lung of that annoying singer). Teddy forever!!

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