NBC Pilot Pickups: First Cast Looks!

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With its Upfront presentation just a few days away, during which the network will unveil its official 2012-2013 schedule, NBC made a number of pilot announcements this week.

The struggling Peacock has ordered seven shows to series, and we've got your first look below at cast portraits from each one. (Continue to visit our NBC New Show gallery for more as news breaks.)

Chicago Fire: Centers on the life of firefighters in The Windy City. Stars Taylor Kinney, Jesse Spencer, Monica Raymund, former David Eigenberg, Eamonn Walker, Lauren German and Charlie Barnett.

Chicago Fire Cast Photo

Revolution: From J.J. Abrams, focuses on survivors in a world without electricity. Stars: Anna Lise Phillips, Graham Rogers, Tim Guiee, David Lyons, Billy Burke as Miles, Tracy Spiridakos, Andrea Roth, Maria Howell, Zak Orth, Giancarlo Esposito.

Revolution Cast Photo

1600 Penn: A comedy about a quirky First Family. Stars Benjamin Stockham, Martha MacIsaacs, Bill Pullman, Amara Miller, Josh Gad, Jenna Elfman and Andre Holland.

1600 Penn Cast Photo

Animal Practice: Imagine Gregory House, as a veterinarian. Stars Justin Kirk, Bobby Lee, Tyler Labine and Crystal (monkey).

Animal Practice Cast Photo

Save Me: Anne Heche stars as a woman who thinks she's channeling God. Also features Heather Burns, Alexandra Breckenridge, Michael Landes, Madison Davenport and Lamman Rucker.

Save Me Cast Photo

Go On: Matthew Perry is a troubled sports talk radio host. Also features Allison Miller, Khary Payton, Laura Benanti and Julie White.

Go On Cast Photo

The New Normal: Sitcom from Ryan Murphy about a gay couple and its surrogate. Stars Ellen Barkin, Andrew Rannells, Georgia King, Bebe Woods and Justin Bartha.

The New Normal Cast Photo

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I like Chicago fire, revolution and the new normal the rest don't watch it.


Revolution??? I'm sorry but I don't think they could cut it like Tera Nova (which got cancelled,still don't know why) and they had electricity!
I would give Chicago fire a chance, love to see men in uniforms.
Always love Mathew Perry. Anyways, GOOD LUCK TO YOU GUYS!!!


I might see the pilot for 1600 Penn, but I'm not that convinced. Only for Jenna Elfman.
And could someone please explain to me why lack of electricity equals crossbows and machetes? People lived without electricity after Terra Nova.

Sue ann

For Revolution, the actor's name is spelled Guinee. He played a recurring character in the last years of Stargate SG-1, and one of the subsequent movies, and he is terrific. I have seen him do guest roles on most of the shows I watch -- he even played the villain on NCIS one season. I would watch him in anything, anything at all. Tyler Labine just made one of the funniest movies I have seen in years, Tucker & Dale vs Evil. He is a riot. Crystal portrayed Dexter, the troublesome monkey in Night at the Museum. I agree with whateva -- I am always happy with Matthew Perry in any capacity. I first spotted him in Second Chance in 1987, and have been watching happily ever since. And Bill Pullman is a serious hunk. Adorable. I'm very pleased with the actors they have rounded up. As with the other networks, I have no comment on the basic premises of the shows. It's be nice to see a list of the writers ....


Agreed, I'll pass on these, thank you. I haven't seen anything good on NBC since Friends.


They all look terrible, 1600 Penn looks like it could have been good if it wasn't for the douchebag at the back who put me off it instantly.


They all sound bad. Though I might watch the sitcom with Matthew Perry. I'm sorry - Revolution? Surviving in a world without electricity? What a novel concept - you know, unless you're living outside of third world countries and this is a state of being. I grew up in the Caribbean and lived on a farm for several years without electricity. Not really ground breaking. And please - not another Ryan Murphy show!!


I agree with fortyseven. None of this sound outstanding, but I will give my final judgement after watching the pilots. Maybe they'll turn out to be decent after all.


Now why is Sidney from OUAT in Revolution, while I will watch Revolution depending on its timeslot, does mean no more Sidney/Magic Mirror anymore. Also Chicago code...ooh well I'll be watching for very shallow reasons. I am always happy with Matthew Perry in any capacity. Also first Grey's, then Cougar Town having life (which probably only worked out because of Courtney's prior relationship with the TBS network), and now Parenthood. Just give me Community and we are cools (and tell me if GG gets it sixth and final season then life is good).


Most of these will be cancelled after 1 episode LOL.

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