Very Pregnant!
Ellen Pompeo is looking bigger by the day! We're guessing this will not be shown at this angle.

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she is sooo cute :]
It's a girl from wkat i've heard :S


She's so cute! I love her! =)


so if she's filming with a big tummy,does that mean mer.grey is going to be pregnant in season 6????


Oh wow! Ellen is soo super, uber pregnant! Wow! Wooow!


Ellen Pompeo's due date is in early October. And they managed to hide Chyler Leigh's pregnancy, so they will be able to do they same for Pompeo. And apparently they have a good story to lead into her maternity leave. Hopefully it is a happy one!


Here comes a baby. =] I wonder if its a boy or girl and the name. =] exciting!


OMG! When I first saw this I was like "Woah, is she wearing a fat suit?!?!?" Then i realized that she is very, very pregnant. Mainly because she is so skinny.


She looks too cute! I still dont know if or HOW they are going to hide her pregnancy. She's SO pregnant!


No, it's not just you. The usually super skinny Ellen Pompeo is very very pregnant. I think she's due in the fall like September or October, i'm not sure. Maybe Shonda will have Mer and Der go on a honeymoon or something? Or just a vacation...i don't know how they are going to do the show with Meredith Grey...but *shrugs* I have no idea.


Is it just me or does ellen look extremely extremely pregnant in her scrubs?? Mabye its just this outfit! Does anyone know when she is due?? Coz shonda said she would be getting some maternity leave..which means no mer :( and mabye that is when she will not include derek in an know how she said she wanted to experiment what it would be like for main characters not to be in every episode..personally i think it is a mistake..but ..?

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