On Family Guy Season 14 Episode 17, Lois' curiosity gets the best of her when she finds a letter Peter wrote to his ex girlfriend that was never mailed.
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On Quantico Season 1 Episode 18, Alex is reunited with Caleb, but he isn't the man she once knew. Is everything as it seems or is Alex in over her head?
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On the Girls Season 5 Finale, Hannah has a breakthrough, Shosh finds purpose, Jessa and Adam reach a breaking point, and Marnie heads off on tour with Desi. Read on for our review!
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On Vinyl Season 1 Episode 10 it's the Nasty Bits' bit concert with the New York Dolls, but all is not well. Richie and Zak find themselves at odds.
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FINALLY! After a very long wait, we've got our very first promo for Mr. Robot Season 2. Yes, it's as amazing as you thought it would be. Take a look!
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