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Trubel helps Hank and Nick out on their case. Do you help she'll continue sticking around or would you rather she go?

  • The Ride-a-Long
  • The Ride-a-Long
  • The Ride-a-Long
  • The Ride-a-Long
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What is the best procedural on television?

What is the best procedural on television?

What did you think of Nick's De-Grimming?

On Grimm, Nick's dealings with Adalind cause him to lose a part of himself. What do you think of Nick losing his Grimm powers?

Are Rosalee and Monroe going to have a nice wedding, or are they doing to elope?

Rosalee fears something bad is going to happen at their wedding. Will the two decide to elope or are they going to stick with the wedding?

Is Trubel going to cause trouble for Nick?

With a new Grimm in town, is Trubel going to wreak some havoc for Nick?

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