Grimm Review: Trubel Trials

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Only Nick knows the trouble Trubel sees - and he's determined to see her through this Grimm initiation period.

But Grimm Season 3 Episode 20 demonstrates, helping Trubel is going to take some serious work.

Juliette's treatment of Trubel was rather fantastic. She's nice to her and empathetic of her situation, but her look at Nick is priceless.

Nick's crazy world will always cause people to come through their house in need of rescue, but one look at Trubel and Juliette knows Trubel's going to be: trouble for him, even if Nick isn't quite there yet. It brings about a source of conflict for Nick and Juliette that is not his secret but because of his secret. 

Kudos to Nick for continuing to try the rehab with Trubel; he's really trying to mold her into his own image of what a Grimm is, yet it's clear Trubel wants to do things her way.

Trubel's own way is sometimes a shock to Grimm's system, but as the installment races towards its climax, Trubel's presence becomes a welcome relief.

Stepping back into the world and seeing it through new eyes is always a fun sight, and she brings a fresh, fun take on the usual boys club that the Grimm adventuring has done lately. 

The ending, though, feels rushed, adding yet another layer to a season that is already packed: Nick's zombie state, the baby, the resistance, the royals, a wedding and more.

Bringing another key into the equation echoes stories laid out back in Grimm Season 2; I'm happy they're being brought back up again, but this season needs a little more closure first.

Nonetheless, with Grimm Season 3 coming to a close, this could be the time to bring the story back up. Speaking of Nick's zombie state, it seems the story has been completely disregarded at this point and it's unclear if it's ever going to make another appearance. 

Adalind looks to be back up to her old tricks, but with everyone in on the secret, I imagine this book of spells is going to be much more potent than a batch of blood cookies. This time, Adalind is fueled by her desire to get Diana and she's willing to risk a lot more because of it.

Do you want Trubel to stick around?


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Okay, so really she was just being flippant when she told Juliette that people call her "Trubel"! How unbelievably annoying that they all decide to actually refer to her by that name. That's what's so annoying. And, did they really take her to the precinct? Just feet away from the Captain? If he finds out she is a Grimm, oh my how the plot will change. Can't believe Nick would take that chance, or even the chance that someone will figure out who the murderer is.


Judging by the poll, clearly a lot of people disagree with me but I really haven't taken a liking to Trubel (one of the reasons for this is probably because I hate her name). On the plus side, her fight scene was awesome and I loved it, but I'd much rather just not have her on the show I'm afraid. Something about her is just really irritating :P I'm definitely looking forward to Adalind wreaking havoc though & The Royals' orchestrations of it all. I think at this point in the season, the show should really focus on these storylines and characters we actually care about rather than introduce new ones that we don't have any connection with. Trubel could die next episode and I wouldn't even blink (that sounds terrible until you remember that this is a TV show and she is completely fictional....) But my hope is that she goes as suddenly as she appeared....which seems to be what the writers did with the whole zombie storyline!

@ zzzz

Well I can't say I disagree about the name. Hopefully she'll go back to Theresa. Or shorten it to Tru maybe? I dunno. But yes, it's a little grating right now.


That girl has skills. Love the episode and hope she's a regular next year. You didn't mention her meeting Monroe and Roselee, that scene was priceless. Keep Trubel.


Since I can't believe nobody's pointed it out in the past week: am I the only one who thinks Trubel looks *exactly* like a younger, female Nick? They both come from New York too, apparently... if Nick were ten years older I'd say he was her father. As it is, I'm going with... second cousin maybe? In any case, I'm pretty sure that their family trees diverge a lot less than a couple of hundred years back. My guess would be that it's not so much a plot point as something the writers want to keep in their back pocket to play with later. But there's no way they cast a girl who looks like that by accident. Anyway. Great episode, I thought. It's early days yet, of course, but thus far I'm quite enjoying Trubel as a character. (Which is saying something, as I'm not really a big fan of the tough runaway archetype.) She brings an entirely new dynamic to the show. Honestly, I'd be surprised if she became a full-time cast member - but it'd be a *good* surprise. The best shows are generally the ones that aren't afraid to shake things up from time to time, even to the extent of major and lasting changes. (See: PoI.)

@ JK

I'm wondering if they're tentatively considering a 'travelling grimm' spin-off....

@ fudgefase

That's a fantastic idea. The idea of having Trubel in her own Grimm spin-off and slotting the show during Grimm's long breaks could have a lot of potential.

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