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A Pretty Little Liars movie may actually be in the works. Would you go see it?

Closeup of Ali Dissing Ian
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What is Alison hiding?

Alison seems to keeping a lot of secrets from her friends too, but what exactly is she hiding?

Is it time to tell the cops the truth?

With all the lies trapping the girls in A's little plot, would it better if they just fessed up?

Do you trust Alison?

Since she's arrived in Rosewood, Alison has told some pretty big lies; can anyone trust her?

Did Spencer's dad kill Jessica DiLaurentis?

Clues are pointing to Spencer's dad as Mrs. Di's killer, but did he really do the deed?

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they should make a movie but with the same cast...means with the same girlzzz ...n boyzzz....n with a new 'A'.....


I really don't think they should make it a movie! It would really ruin the amazing show! I think it kinda ruined Hannah Montana to make it a movie.. It's a TV and not a movie, and I think it should be kept that way.. But of course if it was to be make into a movie, I'd go see it, but I still think it's a bad idea..


i think it would be a good idea, but only to reveal -A. it would be a nice ending, but just to reveal -A. nothing more.


The point of commenting on this is for the real fans of pretty little liars to tell them on what they think of a movie not a whole bunch of haters giving crap about it. If your a hater then get the F- off of this website cuz this site is not for you. ( BTW the movie is an AWESOME idea)


No, it's a good show. Making it a movie would be like making High School Musical 3 a movie... not worth it.


No...I like the show because it is versatile. You can't fit the show into a couple hours.
A movie would be horrid.


Where's the option for "No because the show itself is garbage."?

@ Doomy23

How about you get tf off of here if you don't like the show your comment as well as your purpose of being on the site was not needed.

@ Doomy23

then what's the point of commenting on this?