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Should the judges have given tickets to both Moreno sisters?

Selena Moreno

If fate is ever so generous for us to cross each others path I'm stompin you out. Keep your perverted thoughts to your self. Your comment was completely un called for and honestly a bit creepy. Sincerly
Some who knows and loves these two beautiful and talented girls


J-LO GOT IT RIGHT ! They should have sent both of them through for another round.


She only went through cuz of her big boobs.. they both look like they had their fair share of dicking in HS

@ Gary

Gary your a dirt ball. People like you ruin the world

@ Gary

Gary, have a little respect. How cowardly of you to say something to attack their character in this venue. I normally wouldn't say anything, but I happen to know both of these young ladies and they are amazing human beings with hearts of gold and killer voices. Your comment was just as ugly as they are beautiful.

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