What is the best procedural on television?
Do you think Sherlock will relapse before Elementary Season 3?
Do you believe Myrcoft to be innocent and truthful?
Who do you think Mycroft really is?
Do you think that Mycroft played a role in Waton's kidnapping in Elementary Season 2 Episode 21?
What surprised you the most about Elementary Season 2 Episode 20?
Who did you think was the killer in Elementary Season 2 Episode 19?

Elementary Quotes

Holmes: Why do you suppose you hate your job so much?
Watson: I don't hate my job.
Holmes: You have two alarm clocks. No one with two alarm clocks loves their job. Two alarm clocks mean it's a chore for you to get up in the morning.

Watson: How do you do it, guess things?
Sherlock: I observe and then I deduce.
Watson: How did you know I was a doctor, you said you could tell from my hands.
Sherlock: Hand, singular. It was soft no calluses.
Watson: How did you know my father had an affair?
Sherlock: Google. Not everything is deducible.