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Mycroft Causes Tension
"The Man With the Twisted Lip"

A missing person case sends Sherlock and Joan into the world of unmanned aeronautics and Sherlock's brother Mycroft makes an unexpected return on Elementary.

"No Lack of Void"

Holmes and Watson search for the origin of a deadly toxin when a homeless man dies of anthrax poisoning on Elementary.

"The Many Mouths of Andrew Colville"

Sherlock must investigate when a presumed dead serial killer appears to be murdering victims yet again on Elementary.

"The Hound of the Cancer Cells"

Holmes and Watson investigate the murder of a cancer researcher who could have changed the changed modern medicine as we know it on Elementary.

"Ears to You"

Watson and Holmes investigate an odd kidnapping where the victim has been presumed dead for years on Elementary.

"The One Percent Solution"

During a bombing investigation, the NYPD forces Holmes to work with a former Scotland Yard colleague on Elementary.

"Corpse de Ballet"

When a ballerina is murdered, Sherlock investigates the workings of a dance company while Watson looks into the disappearance of a homeless veteran on Elementary.

"Dead Clade Walking"

Joan dives into one of Sherlock's unsolved cold cases and finds a link to a prehistoric fossil on Elementary.

"All in the Family"

A body found in a barrel leads Holmes and Watson to investigate a connection to the mafia on Elementary.

"The Diabolical Kind"

Holmes and Watson must deal with Moriarty when their former enemy is brought on as a consultant on Elementary.