Virginia and Bill are having a full fledged affair under the guise that they're doing it for the study. What do you think of them together?

Mastering the Fallout
Mastering the Fallout
Mastering the Fallout

For me i think they are doing the most wrong thing ever, come on this man is cheating on his wife, the mother of his child, and this woman knows that Billy is married and she is not stopping, just if Virginia looks to this from Libby's point of view, would she go on with this? last but not least both of them are hypocrites.

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Bill: Make sure he knows this evening's area of focus please. We'll be looking at men with enlarged prostates, primarily elderly men. Engaged in auto-manipulation.
Barbara: Auto, I'm sorry?
Bill: Old men masturbating!

I think women often confuse love with physical attraction.