Bill: Well for someone that lies to you, who disregards you, who ultimately cannot love you... can you possibly hate yourself that much?
Alice: Sometimes I do, but sometimes I don't. Surely people like us feel we deserve a certain punishment or these things wouldn't keep happening. What matters for me is Dan loves me, and I love him.
Bill. No. That's not love... that's torture.

Virginia: We were due at the wedding chapel at seven, and that afternoon I went downstairs to the tables, and I found a nice man with a Pearl Harbor tattoo, and I took him upstairs and let Dan discover us. That's the real reason why he's back with you.
Alice: I don't know who's more deserving of pity in that story. What kind of woman beds a man on the same day she was meant to marry another?

Nancy: Aren't pain and pleasure two sides of the same coin? Both illicit the same physiological reactions: increased heart rate, perspiration, shortness of breath.
Bill: A well-adjusted individual knows the difference.
Nancy: Not always. It can be oddly romantic, even erotic... the sensation of pain, of punishment. Haven't you ever gone after something you knew would hurt you because it also felt good.

I know I caused enormous pain, and I deeply regret that.


Sex and love... a mysterious thing.

Hugh Hefner

Do you really think all those years that I just sat here making lunches and vacuuming the carpets while you were working late? First, there was Robert. You remember Robert, Coral's brother. The first time we didn't even make it to the bedroom. He took me right there on the kitchen floor. Anybody walking by could have seen us. I wanted him so badly it didn't even matter. Then there was Paul. There is not a room in this house where Paul and I didn't make love. Certainly there was this room. Every inch of it really. There was the rug, up against the bar, on this sofa. Paul wanted to marry me, take me away. The kids too. I should've gone. I should've gone. So, if you want to feel sorry for someone, I would suggest feeling sorry for yourself.


I have been working here for ten years, and I know your handwriting from a mile away. Now, I don't know why you're sending yourself flowers from Dan, and I'm not asking. What I am asking for is a little bit of support.


Virginia: I don't need a lecture from you, Tessa. Especially about something that you are too young to understand.
Tessa: No, what you need mom is a shrink

Virginia: Why is it that I should believe that you've changed?
Bill: Because for twelve years I've tried every way, every wrong and misguided way, to win your heart only to realize in these last very dark weeks you wanted something else. So you picked someone else, which means that part of us together is over for good.

Being sex experts, it's not enough. Because when you've tried and tried and tried... and she still leaves you anyway, then you must look at yourself in the mirror and say the words that you've been too afraid to say... she does not love me.


I also know that carrying a hidden truth year after year, even for a lifetime, can become an intolerable burden. There's a certain kind of freedom in just giving up.


Does a woman have to prove herself over and over and over again despite her experience and her accomplishments every time she wants to take a professional step forward?


Masters of Sex Quotes

I think women often confuse love with physical attraction.


Women fake orgasms, maybe all of em. Although I haven't checked my clipboard lately