Who do you believe leaked the sex tape?

Roy's New Strategy

I really think Knox did it because of how his boss threatened him.


I loved that scene between Jamie and Roy in front of her door, when Roy brushed her aside. It was such a gentle gesture to show his affection. I saw something similar in the opening scene at the hospital when Roy wanted to touch Jamie when they sitting together, but he held off doing so to avoid embarrassing her in public.


I wonder if Nancy Davis had a hand in leaking the tape. She might want to undermine Roy's relationship with Jamie because of her attraction to him. That might be a far out possibility, since Knox seems to be a more obvious choice.

@ Ken Brien

Who is Nancy Davis?

@ Jean

She is the blonde TV reporter that interviewed Jamie. In an earlier episode, Jamie went to see Roy at his place and found Nancy there. Jamie has asked Roy a couple of times if he and Nancy are seeing each other, but Roy says that the relationship is just casual.

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