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It's women, they twist up our brains.


Roy: I'm surprised you let me lead.
Jamie: You can lead me anywhere you want.

You know you do not have to file a lawsuit every time you want to see me.


Promises are like marriage vows. They are made to be broken.


If you knew so much about what he wanted, he wouldn't be with me.


People don't just help people, especially politicians.

Lee Anne

Ms. Sawyer, the law waits for no one. If you can't catch up to it with those heels on perhaps you should wear flats.


Just a hot night and too many beers.


Lee Anne, I don't want you to choose me because you've got nothing else. I want you to choose me because I'm the one you want.


Charleston has it's charms.


I tried to steal your wife. That's true, but I couldn't because she's yours and that is what it is. But I'd never hurt her.


Terry: What are you going to do hot shot, kill me?
Arliss: Yes, yes I am.

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Reckless Quotes

Don't be dissing Hooters. You might be working there someday.


Kinda looks like she's got you bent over a stump with your pants down, son.

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