Who do you think abducted Richard Castle?

Not Buying It

I believe the people that took Castle have to do with the hitman that Castle and Beckett turned over to those bikers for the $100, 000 reward for his capture!!!! J

Sue ann

As far as your survey goes, none of the above. I am not upset, and I just don't care. I won't give this show another thought until next fall. I missed some of the more recent episodes, and now that one has to sign one's life away to view missed ABC shows, I will not be seeing them until the DVD comes out. And I don't care. This was a pretty bad season. The things I liked best about this episode: 1) There was a camera angle with the sun (supposedly) on Alexis's face in the loft which made her skin look like porcelain, ancient and precious. She truly is a beautiful young woman. 2) I am a big fan of Eddie McClintock. With both Eddie and Nathan Fillion running around, the eye candy quotient in this hour was overflow status. (Not to mention Ryan and Espo, hunks in their own rights ...) 3) That horrendous dress is destroyed. It had to be one of the ugliest gowns I have ever seen. The remains need to be burned, so there is nothing left of it in this world. 4) The wedding was moved to the Hamptons. It should never have been anywhere else. The ending was tacked on and ludicrous. If they are going to force a cliff hanger down our throats every year, at least make it have real potential threat. Castle is the center of the show. Put someone else in peril, someone who might reasonably not survive it, as Capt. Montgomery did not. I volunteer Alexis and Gates.

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Sometimes the hardest things in life are the things most worth doing.


Esposito: So you're going full hipster now.
Ryan: Have you started jarring artisanal pickles yet?