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Homeland Review: Hide and Seek

Does this episode create more options for Brody? Is there a darker and more sinister person out there...more sinester than Nazir? I thought they were in a rush to kill Abu Nazir...and that the emerging dark side appears to be Estes/CIA, etc.

Homeland Review: It Feels Good

They had to peel away Brody's defenses...and break him down to where the lies were more readily identified. Superbly acted by all. Tremendous writing.


Zoey = Tedious. Leave her with the dog named Walden and move on.
Lyndsey = Great tension with Alan. Will she be back?
Alan = Needs a more substantial story line...something more substantial than one-liners. How about a story line where he actually has to handle success?
Walden = cut the man loose. Not Charlie 2.0...but the character needs a wild and crazy side.