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Reign Review: Watch the Throne

"No, because I cheated and looked at a history book, so I know how this ends."
Hahaha. I like the show but the only way I can is mentally editing all the words "Scottish/French/England/etc" and imagining weird fantasyland names instead. That way I don't get angry (as a history major) when I watch it. I can just roll with it :P

Michiel Huisman: Bound for Westeros!

Apparently he is replacing Ed Skrein as Daario Naharis. (which personally I don't mind) :P

New CW Trailers: Which Show Looks Best?

I'll be watching The Originals, though some of the others look interesting they don't intrigue me enough to start watching. I might end up hate-watching Reign though. But even from the previews, the historian in me is shriveling up and dying a cold lonely death. :(